11.10.2021  |  News

Latest Developments and Emerging Environmental Insurance Issues


KJ’s Chief Risk Officer, Jerry Cavaluzzi, Esq., presented on Environmental Insurance: Latest Developments and Emerging Issues at the November 3 American Law Institute webcast. You may have colleagues in your network who may want to learn more from the panel of experts about the status of the environmental insurance marketplace as well as claims handling tips. It is now available ‘on demand’ program will focus on environmental coverage and claims issues related to changes in the application and underwriting process, emerging issues and contaminants such as PFAS, high-profile national and global microbial concerns including the impacts of climate change, natural disasters, flooding and mold, bacteria, and viruses such as the Coronavirus pandemic

The experienced faculty shared strategic insights, practical tips, and an overview of best practices. Share the link below to register and learn more by contacting Jerry Cavaluzzi or share the KJ posts on Twitter and LinkedIn with your networks to spread the word.

To learn more about PFAS and Treatment Alternatives for PFAS Mitigation, please review the article below written by KJ’s, Director of Technology & Innovation, Jean Debroux and Stephen Timko, Applied Research Group.

Winning the PFAS Battle – Which are the Best Solutions?


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