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Meet Our Water Leadership Attending this
Year’s Virtual Conference

Headshot of Dawn Taffler
Years at KJ: 15
Years in Industry: 21
Dawn is KJ’s One Water Practice Leader and a Member at Large on the WateReuse CA Board of Trustees, where she serves as the Board’s Conference Committee member. She is currently leading seven non-potable and potable reuse studies throughout California to maximize the use of local, sustainable and reliable water supplies.
Todd Reynolds
Years at KJ: 26
Years in Industry: 32
Todd is the leader of KJ’s Water Treatment Community of Practice with expertise in advanced treatment for potable reuse. He has served as a Project Manager and Engineer for the planning, design construction and start-up of numerous water and recycled water projects.
Portrait of Jean Debroux
Years at KJ: 20
Years in Industry: 33
Jean is KJ’s Chief Technical Officer, Water Business Unit Director and Director of the Advanced Technology Group. He serves on the Water Research Foundation as an Issue Area Team Member, and was a contributing author for the Water Reuse Research Foundation Project (WRRF 15-01) Potable Reuse Research Compilation: Synthesis of Findings. Jean will be a panelist on the roundtable session WATER RECYCLING RESEARCH & INNOVATION, which will be LIVE on March 23, 2021, 1 pm - 3pm ET | 10 am – noon PST. The panel will present compelling results from the latest water reuse-related research and discuss how the research can be used to advance reuse broadly. Jean will be speaking on the topic of chemicals in regards to peaks source control monitoring and source control in potable and non-potable systems.
Steven is a Data Intelligence and Reliability Engineer with KJ, and will be the moderator for the Transforming Utilities, Sustaining our Assets – How Advanced Analytics can Guide Better O&M of Water Recycling Systems panel, held on March 22, 2021, 10am-12:30pm (1-3pm ET). This will support the roundtable topic Implementation and Operation of Water Recycling Systems.
The second project is the City of Oxnard’s Aquifer Storage Recovery (ASR) Project which is eligible to receive up to $27.6 million in WIFIA loan funding. This project consists of design and implementation of enhancements to the City’s recycled water system, including expansion of the City’s Advanced Water Purification Facility, construction of new ASR wells and construction of other facilities to convey recovered groundwater for potable reuse. The project is anticipated to facilitate production and use of 14,000 AFY of advanced treated water to improve the City’s water supply reliability with local supplies.
Our effort on each of these applications will total approximately $77k ($17k for LOIs already completed and $60k for the full applications – in progress). We will also be positioning for design work.
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Kennedy Jenks has been a leader in implementing water recycling in California since wastewater was first recognized as a valuable renewable resource. Read about our successes in planning, designing, and implementing potable reuse in multiple unique projects all around the state.